Jan. 31st, 2007

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then and now




my 7th birthday
her name is sheeba
we were inseperable can you tell?
except for that time i droppped her in a mud puddle
although cumulatively i can't say that was the worst of it
there is still some white under her ears!
i like to spread all her fur out from in front of her eyes but it looks funny like someone who usually wears glasses or a sheepdog shaved for the summer
she used to have a tail wire and a bell
i carried her by the middle so she's out of stuffing there
and once she had surgery on her chin
but only the opening up part, no stitching back together like mine
my mother was embarassed and tried a replacement sheeba some years later
poor kitty i can't even remember her name


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i've been doing alot of spring cleaning
hence the photo scanning and taking
and drumroll please, ebaying!

i've got two pretty 50's beaded cardigans and some cute mod shoes here

i've been doing ok on delegating to go items
not nearly as well as i'd like but i'm making slow progress
just moving things out that i already know i'm ready to part with will be a big improvement at least
in a way it's really good that i have so little space here

but then i went and bought this tonight!

i guess it'll go where those two sweaters and that pair of shoes came from
i was pretty torn because the old ones are so much cuter but this one's in top working order
but now i'm torn again
i can't decide, i may sell it and buy an old one before it's all said and done

i think i remember making filmstrips in my 5th grade art class but i can't remember how we did it
magic markers?
i wish i could remember
it's 35mm film though, could i make them just taking pictures i wonder?



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