Jan. 26th, 2007

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bob dylan:
    i'm finally listening to these bootleg series cd's that my friend made me 5 years ago
    what was i waiting for?
    i have no idea but what a nice thing to rediscover all shiny and new this week
  2. cutting my hair:
    my life has changed for the better since i started cutting my own hair

  3. ginger:
    i like fresh ginger in desserts especially
  4. kermit the frog:
    kermit goes deep
    my 3rd grade best friend that dumped me dressed up as miss piggy and sang rainbow connection with kermit on her shoulder for our 5th grade talent show
    i dressed up as miss piggy with a borrowed kermit on my shoulder for halloween, too many years later and safely out of town at my dad's house
    i finally got my own kermit, my first ebay purchase!

  5. marc chagall:
    the fiddler was in my grandmother's kitchen when we lived with her
    it creeped me out when i was little but i couldn't stop looking, unlike the lifelike clown couple in the basement across from my bed
    anyway, after she died i realized i really like this painting and now it's mine
    every time i look at it i see something new
    i like his work alot
  6. new american paintings:
    i love this magazine but it's too expensive for me
    i look at every new issue in the bookstore and borrow pens to write down the artists i like on scraps of paper i tend to lose track of
  7. pretty magazines:
    my new favorite
  8. shift meals:
    free food!
    really good free food!
    i used to live on these
    the only bad thing about working day shifts, no shift meals
    this is the first restaurant that does an official family meal
    the kitchen guys cook for everyone buffet style every night before service

  9. suspension of disbelief:
    in good stories and in life sometimes
  10. very long showers:
    i would take naps in there if they made body pillows for the shower

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