Apr. 2nd, 2007

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i'm going to try to break my habit of writing only when something bad happens or i'm listing ebay auctions.
that's no way to live!

today we started the last season of six feet under!!

i made enchiladas out of leftovers for dinner
and hummus for lunches this week
we had cinnamon toast for breakfast
for dessert, raspberry sorbet with peppridge farm mint brussells, my new favorites that i suspect are the result of one of those happy baking accidents
oh and a really good half a pink grapefruit because i took my last antibiotic today
they mess with arithromicin did you know?

i packed up ebay stuffs that'r about to end
there are a couple of crazy ladies bidding on 80's dresses yay!
ebay has been going well so i got all enthusiastic and went thrifting last week
and didn't find anything to sell, kind of a bummer
i was hoping i could keep my stride going oh well that means i have to make stuff instead better!
but i found a few things for me at least!
a couple of pink flowered handtowels
and some little flats to dye black and a military/asian made in japan jacket
i've noticed i often have luck finding things for an opposite season
and i pretty much like any clothing made in japan

it has been thundering and raining on and off since this morning
which makes our dogs crazy
i had to lock yoko in the bathroom with me while i showered so she wouldn't rush my bed
sometimes i feel bad my dogs aren't bed dogs
they are one couch dogs (the shitty one)
which we are getting a nice wipe off vinyl cover for finally this week, i can't wait
i finally gave up emergency searching for the perfect 60's boxy vinyl and got one of those awful black futons as a temporary disposable stand in till we find a nice keeper

what else can i blather on about hmm?

i also went antique mall shopping last week!
i met a local newscaster who wears vintage!
i don't know that's cool for some reason
they all look like generic republican beauty pageant ladies to me but she's quirky!
she says when she finds skirts to small she switches the waist to elastic!
and i found a couple of dessert plates to add to my collection
although maybe they are bread plates really?
they are all around six inches
and i found a vintage blue and white gingham suit
and a blender but i didn't get it because i have one

i'm still trying not to think about my beloved scarf
or maybe i'm not trying not to at all
i can't wait to quit without notice for payback
my current fantasy that is maybe more like setting an intention in order to make it so
because see i did happen talk to an old friend about a potential job in the hopefully not too distant future
yep i did and because of a scarf
well and working nights
to console myself i tried looking around picturing something else i would have chosen to keep if i had to get rid of that or the scarf
the thing is, i think it's the first thing i've lost that i miss the touch of it rather than the sight of it so the loss is more intimate feeling
maybe i'm a little bit of a freak about this but oh well i am what i am

i have to think of a business name for etsy right now!
so i can buy a cute little wallet
and sell some necklaces too
i think i'm going with something generic so i can change it later

my journal is about buying/selling/food/food job woes/depression/pretty pictures sometimes.



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