Mar. 21st, 2007

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i stopped writing in my journal every day of 2006 back in january
i always wish i'd writtin more but it piles up and that can be overwhelming too
i will start again i think but no rules

ebay people why don't you paypal me already???
do i wait this long?

i'm sick
the more medicine i take to feel better the worse i feel in some other way
or maybe it was all the ice cream


01. Describe a dish you cook (your favorite).

asparagus and portobellos and sundried tomatoes over polenta with creamy non creamy sauce
which doesn't sound very good right now, probably because of all the ice cream

02. Describe a memory of a rainy day.

today it rained alot without thunder and the dogs didn't want to go outside to pee and i drove 30 minutes to have chain restaurant lunch with my mother and i have a cold
this was yesterday but it's raining today too

03. What is your favorite article of clothing?

a thrifted black button down blouse with tiny red and yellow and green flowers that's fitted with subtle puffed sleeves and smocking at the shoulder that makes marc jacobs whimper with insecurity

04. Describe the last dream you remember.

the night before last? last night?
russell and i were walking walking walking across some country but it was kind of like a map, weird

05. Describe a memory triggered by a smell (and specify smell).

i smelled my steering wheel yesterday and it was raining and it made me wish i was on a car trip and someone else was driving and i was sleeping in the back seat

06. Do you think being interrupted or being ignored is worse?

ignored! i do alot of interrupting oops!

07. How many times in one week do you brush your teeth?

14ish? maybe three times a day though but don't ask me about flossing

08. If you renamed yourself when you were ten, what would your name be today?


09. Say you designed your own house. How many floors does it have? What's in the back yard? What are the floors like in the bedroom? What are the walls like in the bathroom? What rooms other than a living, dining, kitchen, bath, and bedroom are there, if any? What material is the exterior?

i'm too tired to answer this question fully
i would like a screened in porch and lots of trees

10. Do you prefer potato or corn chips?

salt and vinegar potato chips are my favorite but i like corn chips with guacamole or salsa

11. Describe your bedroom as it was when you were 12.

i shared one at my mom's and one at my dad's with my sister and they were small and i had stuffed animals and sticker collections and we had antique beds my mother picked out and ugly canopy beds my sister and i picked out

12. Do you collect anything? What?

vintage clothes and jewelry and purses are the main ones
also vintage children's books and stickers and fabric and random things that catch my eye

13. Does money bring much stress into your life?

yes it does, more so when i'm working less and always that i'm not saving money

14. Describe your favorite place and/or time to be alone.

in the shower

15. What do you do with your friends? How often do you get together with them in an average week or two?

i'm in transitional period
barely at all

16. Do you like dark restaurants?

as long as i can read the menu i'm good

17. Do you have a comfort food? What is it?

this week it's been breyer's cookies and cream ice cream but typing that out right now makes me a little queasy
time to move on

18. Are there any movies, bands, etc, that you like simply because it is nostalgic? Something you think is cheesy/silly/stupid/low quality/boring/just plain bad, but you can't help but like it? Please specify.

old barry manilow songs

19. Do you have any desire to go to Ireland? How about Tokyo? The Fiji Islands? Nepal? Cairo? Moscow? Buenos Aires? New Orleans? Juneau?

i would like to go anywhere the free plane tickets will take me
but i really need to go visit my sister

20. Are you happy with your life as it is right now? Are you happy with where you're taking your life? Are you confident about where you're taking your life?

this week i wish i had more creative input at work
and i wish the scarf i left there wasn't thrown away
and they'd pay for part of my health insurance

21. How do you take your coffee? Tea?

i like many different teas without sugar unless it's ginger lemon and honey tea or sometimes i crave tea with lemonade

22. What would you put on your sandwich?

thin red and yellow peppers and onions and feta marinated in olive oil and vinegar and garlic
with some boston bibb lettuce and hummus

23. Do you pick a certain day or time of day to treat yourself particularly well? What do you do? Do you set aside a certain amount of money for you to spend on anything you feel like? What kinds of things do you buy?

sometimes when i'm trying to feel better and sometimes when i feel good already or sometimes when i'm deluding myself
i spoiled myself with some khiel's products last month
or sometimes it's a couple of nice magazines or a book or cd
or something small and handmade online
or some good cheese and bread

24. What do you like to do on rainy days? Do they even stand out to you?

lay around and read or watch a movie or just lay around and sit with my dogs and listen to it or sometimes i like to run errands when it rains

25. Ask a question about automechanics.

will i be able to drive my volvo wagon forever?

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two weeks in a row!
momentum is gratifying

here they are



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