Feb. 20th, 2007

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the prospect of seeing my father has almost become a phobia
i really need to get a handle on this somehow

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my father came over for dinner tonight and i laughed without sarcasm for the first time in his presence in probably well over five years

he was talking about treating himself to a nice black cashmere v neck sweater, a high v neck, from sam's club on his birthday
and then a dinner with some high school friends when he wore it with a white dress shirt underneath
he said
it's a nice look
and i cracked up out loud
and he said what? it's a nice look for me
picture a cross between columbo, harvey keitel and robert blake saying this
and i really could have laughed alot longer but i was embarassed to be charmed or something
like when you're still mad at someone you don't want to give them the pleasure of the approval
because i'm so on a hair trigger with him, things are so tense and plus everything he says is so predictable usually
the fact that i've never heard him say this before was part of what made it so funny
and that he sounded like carson on queer eye
my father should have been a character actor



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