Jan. 27th, 2007

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i worked tonight, just subbing this friday and next

working on the line makes me a crazy person!
especially when i have to share my station
i don't want to think about what happens when i'm not around
it's all bad news
except i'm a control freak and no one notices anything's wrong
someone go order an apple gingersnap waffle and tell me if it's warm all the way through and if there's too much ice cream on top!

and now i'm all reliving the horror of feeling frazzled in front of the incompetent guy
that is so annoying, the reliving the horror part and the ridiculousness of giving a shit at all what he thinks of my competence
he's not truly incompetent he just likes to smoke alot and doesn't use timers and talks alot about his great restaurant career but doesn't seem to give a shit about what he's doing
i got the feeling he was all relaxed tonight and living it up because he was working with the girl
i just hate working with people that aren't at least a little bit obsessive compulsive about what they're doing

only the rare tuna scraps with habenero sauce almost made it all worth it



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