Jan. 15th, 2007

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more fours


four things you learned too late
-that addicts like anyone vulnerable enought to like them back so don't be taken in, don't even be flattered
-that being so miserable with him isn't because i must love him too much to leave it's because i lost myself a long time ago and it's been time to go since our third date
-sunscreen is my friend
-the birth control pill is my friend

four deaths that have affected your life
-(edit for being more private)
-my mother's mother
-my cat ribbon
-my cat without a name

four religions you've identified with
-i'm half jew
-it but maybe parts of buddism or paganism

four parties you'll never forget
-the one in highschool with my favorite crush of all time and he touched my back and i was wearing a rabbit suit and he dropped me off at my friend's house because i was too scared to see if he'd kiss me goodnight (and that was it then it was over)
-the one in college with my friends shooting bottle rockets at each other and skinny dipping at the lake and dancing with harley bikers at some house being built out in the boonies (maybe these were all different parties but they seem like the same one in hindsight)
-the one that i bought the donna karen layered slip dress for just to impress my stupid boss who had another date but ended up in a hotel room with me to drunk to be worth it (and he wasn't worth it anyway)
-the one with russell at our house and with my coworkers who didn't show up till 3am (just as we finally decided to go to bed)

four injuries requiring the emergency room
-getting stitches after cutting my chin open falling on the ice next to our house while my parents watched the '76 olympics on tv

four people you miss
-my sister
-my gradeschool art teacher

four mistakes you'll never regret (at least ever again)
-not making cheerleader in junior high
-getting fired from a job that made me miserable
-breaking up with a therapist that wasn't a good fit
-never speaking to someone again because i would never ever get anything postitive out of it

four people I'd be trapped on a desert island with
-my dog
-my sister
-ted leo



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