Jan. 12th, 2007

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name 5 things that you adore secretly (or publicly) but think are childish (not that there's anything wrong with that)

1. sticker collecting
i have my and my sister's sticker books from the 80's and have been known to scour ebay for the stickers i remember but are missing

2. swingsets
i need one, and not one with the seats that squish your thighs, i favor the plank style seat

3. school supplies
i want to smell the erasers but they package them up too tight
i'm looking out for my old trapper keeper with the pony and horse and a pink notebook with little girl pictures that were rubbable, kind of like fashion plates

4. hello kitty and similar themed cute stuff
i wonder if i will grow out of my deer painting

5. glitter
certain glitter and certain things that are glittery
there is good and bad glitter, there are lots of rules but i'd need lots of pictures to explain

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more meme


-four jobs you've had in your life
pastry chef
picture framer
line cook
photo lab girl

-four movies you could watch over and over
any woody allen movie except the old slapstick ones
down by law
foul play
the spanish prisoner

-four places you've lived
mguire air force base in new jersey
columbia tn
oxford ms

-four teevee shows you love to watch
project runway
isaac mizrahi
starting over

-four places you've been on vacation
the only real vacation i ever had was in los angeles with russell but he had to work some
the summer after 9th grade i went to europe with my french class but i don't count that for some reason
my dad used to drive my sister from tennessee to new york in the summers, stopping along the way
i guess san francisco and south through big sur but a wedding was involved or tuscon and the grand canyon but family was involved, these are all together because i forget they weren't all on the same trip

-four websites you visit daily
egullet but not daily really

-four of your favorite foods
seared scallops
spaghetti with meatballs
vietnamese pork sandwiches

-four places you'd rather be
in the shower
on vacation anywhere without obligations and with russell
walking a dog

-four albums you can't live without
elvis costello with and without the attractions/i can't pick just one
bob dylan/i can't pick just one
ted leo & the pharmacists/hearts of oak
marvin gaye/the soulful moods of marvin gaye

-four magazines you read
poplife/a new really good interior magazine i just found this month
new yorker
elle decor uk

-four comics you read
chris ware's one legged girl
cat and girl
i still love old bloom county

-four cars you've owned
82 buick skylark/my first car at 23
84 toyota tercel which i hated i think i killed it on purpose
87 peugot wagon
90 volvo wagon



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